About OP-TEE

OP-TEE is an open source project which contains a full implementation to make up a complete Trusted Execution Environment. The project has roots in a proprietary solution, initially created by ST-Ericsson and then owned and maintained by STMicroelectronics. In 2014, Linaro started working with STMicroelectronics to transform the proprietary TEE solution into an open source TEE solution instead.

In September 2015, the ownership was transferred to Linaro. Today it is one of the key security projects in Linaro, with several of Linaro’s members supporting and using it.

Mailing lists:

op-tee@linaro.org (reach OP-TEE developers)
tee-dev (public discussion about TEE in general)

Issues, bugs etc?
Please file an issue on our “Issues” list at GitHub.

Source Code

It is located on GitHub under the project OP-TEE (https://github.com/OP-TEE).
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Linaro Security Working Group

The Linaro Security Working Group (SWG) was created to help ensure an optimised and efficient software ecosystem exists to support ARM open source Linux distributions on security related topics, and to accelerate the delivery of high quality secure products across the ARM open source ecosystem.

In order to enable applications such as securely booting a server or decoding encrypted media, there needs to be a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). the SWG will be creating reference designs showing how normal and trusted application code and libraries can be integrated within a particular platform such as Android. Initial activities include the development of an open source reference implementation of the W3C Encrypted Media Extension (EME) using platform security features for secure media playback on mobile and digital home devices; and an open source reference implementation of secure boot for the 64-bit ARM Cortex-A series processor cores to complement the ARM Trusted Firmware open source project, targeted at server applications. In addition there will be work on security features in the Linux kernel.

Supporting Companies

Linaro Member
Wind An Intel Company Member
Applus Laboratories Member