Contributor License Agreement

Contributions to OP-TEE are managed by the OP-TEE gatekeepers, whose contact email address is

Anyone can contribute to OP-TEE as long as they understand that a Signed-off-by tag will be required in the patch. When adding the Signed-off-by tag, you confirm that you have read, and are following the rules stated in the Developer Certificate of Origin as stated on GitHub.


The main page at GitHub contains information about the platforms supported, how to get the source code, build the solution and run it on various devices. Besides that, we keep all documentation in a subfolder at optee_os/documentation. Like the rest of the code, documentation is tracked using Git. This means that the current version is always up to date with the current source code. If you check out an older version however, you will need to look at the documentation folder and files from that particular snapshot, since that may well contain slightly different instructions which were valid at the time.

Build system

Full documentation about the build system can be found on GitHub in the file named There you will find all toolchain related questions, what makefiles are involved and the purpose for them.


The main design for OP-TEE is described in the file at GitHub.

Issues, bugs etc?

Please file an issue on our “Issues” list at GitHub.

Supporting Companies

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Wind River
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