Maintainers in the OP-TEE project

Linaro as such maintains OP-TEE, but for individual devices which might not be available to Linaro and/or in public in general we have assigned sub-maintainers for these platforms.

Platform Maintainer
Allwinner A80 Board `Sun Yangbang <>`
ARM Juno Board `Linaro <>`
FSL ls1021a `Sumit Garg <>`
FSL i.MX6 Quad SABRE Lite Board `Yan Yan <>` , `Feng Yu <>`
FSL i.MX6 Quad SABRE SD Board `Yan Yan <>` , `Feng Yu <>`
FSL i.MX6 UltraLite EVK Board `Peng Fan <>`
NXP i.MX6 ULL EVK Board `Peng Fan <>`
NXP i.MX7 Dual SabreSD Board `Peng Fan <>`
ARM Foundation FVP `Linaro <>`
HiKey Board (HiSilicon Kirin 620) `Linaro <>`
HiKey960 Board (HiSilicon Kirin 960) `Linaro <>`
HiSilicon D02 `Linaro <>`
MediaTek MT8173 EVB Board `Linaro <>`
QEMU `Linaro <>`
Raspberry Pi3 `Linaro <>`
Renesas RCAR `Volodymyr Babchuk <>`
Rockchip RK322X `Rockchip <>`
STMicroelectronics b2260 - h410 `Linaro <>`
STMicroelectronics b2120 - h310 / h410 `Linaro <>`
Texas Instruments DRA7xx `Harinarayan Bhatta <>`
Texas Instruments AM43xx `Andrew F. Davis <>`
Xilinx Zynq 7000 ZC702 Board `Yan Yan <>` , `Feng Yu <>`
Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSOC `Sören Brinkmann <`
Spreadtrum SC9860 `Aijun Sun <>`

Supporting Companies

Linaro Member
Wind River
Applus Laboratories Member